Project History

Our Principal Consultant brings a long history of successful projects to his work at Adams Systems Consultancy. Read on for a summary of selected project highlights.

Regional hospital - Florida, USA

Perform installation of new POWER servers for EPIC environment hardware replacement with EMC storage and Replication Manager. Customized integration of AIX, PowerHA, EPIC and SAN storage.

Regional hospital - Georgia, USA

New EPIC environment installation for large hospital with existing EPIC environment. Provided virtualization, AIX installation, PowerHA integration, NIM server deployment, and full implementation of SAN snapshots with EMC SAN for backups and environment replication. Performed staff skills transfer and provided extensive documentation.

Regional hospital - Mississippi, USA

New EPIC environment installation consisting of several new POWER systems in an EMC SAN environment with PowerHA. Supported integration between AIX and EMC for SAN snapshots used extensively for backups and environment cloning.

Power company - Texas, USA

Full environment replacement involving new POWER systems. Full network and SAN virtualization in an IBM V7000 storage environment. Implemented several PowerHA clusters for Oracle and custom Java applications.

Financial - Norway

New system installation of fully virtualized POWER8 systems with multiple PowerHA clusters for Progress OpenEdge application. Supplied performance troubleshooting and capacity planning. Performed AIX system integration in a large EMC SAN and NAS environment. Skills transfer and full documentation.

Regional hospital - Texas, USA

Installation and custom integration of AIX and PowerHA for an EPIC customer performing a system migration on IBM storage.

SAN Storage provider - USA

Taught classes regarding AIX storage management and troubleshooting. Assisted with authoring best practices for third party storage on the AIX and VIO platform.

Retail distributor - USA

Provide storage and POWER virtualization for AS/400 (IBM i) LPARs during systems migration and upgrades.

Regional hospital - Mississippi, USA

Installed several new POWER systems, planned and implemented full network and SAN virtualization. Deployed over 30 LPARs for a large Lawson software environment, including production and multiple layers of test environments.

Software company - California, USA

Install and virtualize several large POWER systems to match similar systems in an existing environment. Performed network performance testing and troubleshooting for 10G Ethernet and virtualization.

Regional hospital - Mississippi, USA

Provide onsite installation and virtualization of new POWER systems with EMC SAN storage for EPIC medical software implementation.

Consumer good manufacturer - North Carolina, USA

Provide personalized onsite HACMP education courses for administration team in a large AIX and HACMP environment.

Regional bank - Ohio, USA

Supervise and provide support for vendor supplied virtualization on POWER with third party SAN array during new system migration.

Financial company - Michigan, USA

Provided comprehensive data collection services, analysis, and capacity planning for consolidation of 70 AIX LPARs during data center migration.

Semiconductor company - Massachusetts, USA

Installed multiple POWER7 systems with dual VIOS to support SAP environment with XIV storage. Extensive operating system and application benchmarking trials, skills transfer, and documentation.

Grocery store chain - New York, USA

Provided inventory, planning, and compatibility validation for diverse SAN. Fabric consisted of mixed Brocade Director and IBM SAN switches, over 100 heterogeneous hosts, and multi-vendor storage. Prepared final upgrade plan and provided remote support for upgrade implementation.

Power company - Texas, USA

Created six new PowerHA clusters for SAP implementation. Provided application integration, virtualization/VIOS support, HACMP knowledge transfer, documentation and pre-production cluster validation.

Transportation company - Florida, USA

Implemented LPAR Mobility for ten POWER6 bladeservers. Taught systems management course to administration team regarding new servers, virtualization, and LPAR administration. Later brought back to repeat course for new system administrators.

Regional bank - New York, USA

Installed new POWER6 systems and configured for virtualization with dual VIOS and LPAR Mobility in mission critical financial environment. Converted existing systems to be compatible with mobility for future growth.

Regional hospital - Florida, USA

Created new PowerHA cluster to support new EPIC application for customer by recommendation of another EPIC customer. Provided application integration, HACMP knowledge transfer, documentation and cluster validation.

Mining company - Ohio, USA

Implemented several new fully virtualized POWER systems and storage platform to support complex SAP operation. Installed and configured six POWER6 systems, three DS4700 storage systems, and an IBM SVC. Dual VIOS configured for all systems and 45 client LPARs deployed for SAP.

Grocery store chain - New York, USA

Implemented virtualization with dual VIOS for new POWER6+ servers, including initial build, network and SAN integration with full testing, skills transfer and documentation.

Provided planning services for three HMCs in a mixed environment of sixty multi-generation POWER systems, compatibility validation and preparation. Upgrade implementation onsite with minimal downtime.

SAN healthcheck encompassing extensive SAN fabric across mixed IBM SAN switches. Inventoried over 125 heterogeneous hosts and multi-vendor storage. Isolated hot ISLs and made performance recommendations.

Regional hospital - California, USA

Provided inventory and planning services prior to the implementation of a core SAN switch upgrade on McData Directors. Included survey and compatibility validation for over 100 heterogeneous hosts across and multi-vendor SAN storage.

Lab services provider - Texas, USA

Implemented new pSeries p570 and p550 systems with LPAR and DS4700 SAN, including physical installation, planning, project documentation, and skills transfer.

Regional hospital - South Carolina, USA

Created new HACMP cluster and performed custom integration for Keane application. Provided HACMP knowledge transfer, documentation and cluster validation.

Retail furniture chain - Minnesota, USA

Integrated new p560 and HMC, configured LPARs, installed AIX, verified access to existing third party SAN. Included LPAR knowledge transfer and project documentation.

Regional pharmaceutical retailer - Californa, USA

Implement three HACMP clusters. Created test cluster on new hardware, and converted two existing production systems into clusters with minimal downtime. Included custom application integration, HACMP knowledge transfer, documentation and cluster validation.

Regional bank - New York, USA

Supported two HACMP clusters and application integration during upgrade of mission critical banking systems, including the upgrade of Websphere MQ and integration with HACMP.

Consumer goods manufacturer - North Carolina, USA

Performed inventory and health check services for large systems environment including 25 AIX instances, multiple CEC's with LPARs, HACMP, and EMC SAN. Documented issues and made recommendations regarding best practices.

Regional hospital - Connecticut, USA

Performed enterprise-wide data migration from existing DS4000 storage to completely new SAN and DS8000 storage, including mission critical hospital patient care systems running AIX, HACMP, Cerner on Oracle RAC, VMWare, and Windows. Performed SAN planning and creation, DS4000 expansion, DS8000 planning and configuration, data migration planning and execution. Provided comprehensive project documentation, and knowledge transfer for new storage technologies and data migration methods.

University - Massachusetts, USA

Integrated new DS8000 storage into existing SAN environment to replace existing Shark/ESS system for AIX and Mainframe. Included planning, installation, skills transfer and documentation.

Local hospital - Florida, USA

Created new HACMP cluster for EPIC Systems software rollout, using existing p590 and p570 hardware and DS8300 backend storage. Provided application integration, HACMP knowledge transfer, documentation and cluster validation.

University - Massachusetts, USA

Implemented LPARs with redundant Dual VIO, including SEA and SAN pass-through. Included planning, creation, knowledge transfer and documentation of VIO and LPAR environment.

Regional Hospital - Californa, USA

Integrated 30 TB of new DS8300 storage with existing SAN, supporting AIX, VMWare ESX, and Windows client systems. Included planning, installation, skills transfer and documentation.

Consumer goods manufacturer - New Jersey, USA

Given a very short migration period migrated 20 TB production data from several existing Shark/ESS and DS4000 systems to new DS8000. Migrated six LPARs from existing hardware to new pSeries hardware. Included all hardware & SAN planning, installation, configuration, project documentation and skills transfer. Successfully completed project on time with zero errors and minimal production downtime, winning award with local VAR for project completion.

Local hospital - New York, USA

Provided HACMP services for cluster creation, and custom integration for in-house COBOL application and Oracle DB. Installed and configured new p550 cluster hardware, integrated with Hitachi SAN storage. Provided HACMP knowledge transfer, documentation and cluster validation.

Insurance company - Virginia, USA

Configured new p570 for LPARs with redundant VIO and SEA w/ failover and local SCSI virtualization. LPARs included AIX and Linux with Oracle DB. Included LPAR/VIO knowledge transfer, and documentation.

Regional hospital - South Carolina, USA

Supported existing SAN migration project from EMC to IBM DS4000. Provided comprehensive planning for six new DS4000 systems using cross site mirroring and hosting a large TSM implementation.

Medical billing company - Texas, USA

Provided HACMP implementation and application integration for two new clusters running IDX Flowcast and Groupcast. Installed new p550 hardware, LPAR and EXP24 storage. HACMP knowledge transfer, documentation and cluster validation.

Regional outpatient clinic - Texas, USA

Implemented new HACMP clusters to support EPIC Systems software for clinical application migration. All inclusive project installation of pSeries servers, SAN, storage, AIX, and clustering.

Regional outpatient clinic - Texas, USA

Installed new pSeries servers and provided HACMP integration for IDX/Flowcast clinical application.