ASC provides many kinds of consulting services. Frequently our projects are part of the implementation of a new system or application. Below are examples of services provided to many customers.

New system installation:

  • Physical installation planning
  • Application software validation and planning
  • Rack and cable physical server(s) if needed
  • AIX installation including latest software updates and best practices for application software
  • AIX Storage planning and implementation (RAID & Filesystems)
  • Local storage and/or SAN integration
  • Network integration planning and implementation (failover & aggregation)
  • User planning and creation for application integration
  • Skills transfer
  • System documentation

Virtualization installations or migrations:

  • Physical system inventory and planning
  • Network virtualization planning
  • Storage virtualization planning
  • Application integration planning and support for virtualization review
  • LPAR planning
  • Virtual I/O server installation and configuration
  • Best practice application for VIOs
  • Virtualized network implementation
  • Virtualized storage implementation
  • LPAR implementation and installation
  • Full virtualization failover testing at VIO, storage, and network layers
  • Skills transfer
  • Documentation

System healthchecks:

  • AIX healthcheck for:
    • Hardware health
    • Open errors
    • Storage layout confirmation and health (ie: mirroring)
    • Device attributes
    • Verify applicable best practices for system
    • Networking configuration
    • Paging & memory settings
  • VIO healthcheck for:
    • System utilization (CPU & RAM), including micropartitioning
    • Network virtualization review and best practice application
    • Storage virtualization review and best practice application
    • HMC, system firmware, and VIO code level review

Performance review and analysis:

  • Collect system information
  • Setup performance monitoring
  • Review recordings
  • Provide recommendation for problem remediation

Our services are flexible and can be customized to support your environment. Please contact us with your questions!